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At the begining of a new year, it is customary to present wishes. Last year we all had the unpleasant surprise of a virus that prevented the wishes we had received from coming true. So this year we had a "little embarrassment" because the uncertainty of the future is so great. We went through the first gale in 2020. Will we be able to go through a second gale in 2021? This is a question that will have to be asked in the coming months. All this does not prevent us from thanking you for your trust and loyalty and from presenting you the best for 2021.
For our international customers, we know that your visit in 2021 is unlikely to be possible and we are sorry. Take care of yourself and we'll be happy to meet you when all this has calmed down.
For our customers in Quebec and Canada, we are working on new activities to allow you to rest, to do a "reset", a buzzword and that in complete health safety, that is why we are working on a new "Covid" questionnaire which will take into account all the new data on the virus and the associated treatments so that you and us are safe.
We have opened up our network to work in synergy with partners. From the spring, we will be able to suggest that you meet a new Natural and Alternative Health therapist during your stay. A room reserved for this activity has been fitted out. We will shortly be developing tailor-made stays where you can choose your activities, your dining style, all in the form of a single or all-inclusive package.
We look forward to seeing you again or meeting you.



Coming to us is like entering a family. We post it on our site: "You are privileged".
This is why, as with our friends, our family, we regularly give our news without sharing your feedback with everyone, which means that your details remain confidential and will never be shared and that by registering on our site you agree to receive our news in the form of news, offers, opportunities.

We understand that sometimes we don't want to hear from "the tribe". Easy, since each email gives you the option to unsubscribe.
In these difficult times, being able to communicate is important.
We are here to welcome you with kindness and security.
We love to share our home and the experiences of each of our visitors.
We enjoy it when you sit down at the chess table or at the piano.
Our house is open to all those who need peace, serenity, harmony, today more than ever.
So do not hesitate to contact us. It will always be greeted with a smile.

For the addicts, there is the facebook page which is full of good surprises. in the form of shares, photos or mini-videos. GARDA ISLAND B&B

Looking forward to welcoming you to us


Autumn upon us

The opportunity to extend the sweet moments of summer in our beautiful residence.
Festival of colors
The festival of colors is an opportunity to offer you the best and to stretch out the summer with beautiful walks or relaxation in the middle of the reds, the yellows of the orange trees that Mother Nature offers us.
To thank you, we offer you this great proposition:
2 nights and each evening we offer you a platter of local products: cold cuts, cheese and blackcurrant wine.
The night with lunch from $ 120 per person

The Blue Angels Route
Artistic tour in Estrie by coach with artist David Martel.
In the midst of soaring fall colors, a coach ride in the Eastern Townships with the international artist David Martel who will show you his life through his rock and angelic works of art.
Departure at 9 a.m. and return around 6 p.m.
The package includes 2 nights with lunch, the Blue Angels route.
Price starting at $ 200 per person.
Valid from Monday September 28 to Wednesday September 30 or from Friday October 2 to Sunday October 4
Contact us quickly

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What to do during your stay: 3- Canoeing on the Lac des Nations and the rivers.

A great first this year due to the creativity of the Mercedes Travel Agency.

Sherb-history in kayak
Discover the history of Sherbrooke by Kayak on the Lac des Nations and the Magog River. 2 hours of fun discovering the city from the water but especially learn about the origins of Sherbrooke. A beautiful nod to our ancestors whether they are Amerindian, Francophone or Anglophone.

Corridor bleu
2 trips rivers on calm waters.
1- 16.5-km descent down the St-François river. about 4h
2- 14-km descentdown the Magod river. about 3h30 

The Mercedes Travel Agency being one of our partners, you can book with your accommodation.


picnic et terroir

What to do during your stay: 1- Picnics and terroir

The news of this special summer:
The visit with picnic Fromagerie La Station...
Renowned for its award-winning cheeses, the cheese dairy offers you a country visit combined with a picnic basket of local products.

Visit and tasting of blackcurrant products from Domaine Yves Hill.
On a magnificent estate you can discover the history and richness of this exceptional Estrie estate.
The new owners will offer you to taste their products. You can take advantage of your visit to relax among the blackcurrant growers or near the river by tasting a platter of local products.

Visit of the Érablière du Village.
Walk, interpretation, discoveries, surprises and lunch boxes! That's what the new owners of the sugar bush have in store for you.
Before walking on the 1 km trail, you will stop at the sugar shack to order your meal that you will take with you to taste it in the undergrowth, in the coolness of the maple trees.

These 3 activities can be part of a package. Don't hesitate to ask us for a quote.

The Road Trip with local flavors fits perfectly with these activities. 
We invite you to discover it here :


vacances québec

Instructions to ensure safe vacations in Québec (COVID-19)

Discovering or rediscovering Québec is guaranteed to give pleasure. To ensure your safety, we ask that you follow the instructions below.

Before your visit

If you are displaying COVID-19-related symptoms, stay home and take care of yourself. Should you have questions, call 811 or visit the Québec.ca/coronavirus website.

Plan your trip

Plan your itinerary bearing in mind the directives concerning travel between regions and cities on the Québec.ca/coronavirus website.

Directly contact officials at the sites you want to visit to be sure that they are open.

Allow extra time for visits since the health and protective measures adopted may slow access to certain sites.

Find out in advance about the health measures adopted by the sites that you plan to visit and organize your trip accordingly.

On the road, try to limit stops to essential needs such as buying gas, purchasing essential medicines, or using sanitary facilities, and abide by the sanitation measures adopted by each site.

During your visit

Observe the 2-metre physical distancing rule and wear a face cover when it is impossible to do so.

Comply with the following health recommendations:

  • frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or, if this is impossible, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer;
  • cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm;
  • comply with the measures adopted by the business visited and instructions from employees;
  • pay by credit card to limit contacts.

Be gracious and have fun!

After your visit

Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or, if this is impossible, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Share your experience on the social networks. Other people will enjoy seeing photos and videos of your trip.



You want to cancel.......

2020 is a particularly difficult year with 3 months without revenue and 75% of our customers outside of Canada who cannot travel and stay with us. Furthermore, we ensure a 24 hour delay between 2 reservations of the same room to ensure your safety and well-being. So we will be happy to welcome you anytime it rains, it's windy or it's too hot. We are flexible to the best of your comfort but dependent on our own. We live in a time when respect for each other is of the utmost importance.
Here is a summary of our policy:
1- you have made a non-refundable reservation to benefit from an advantageous rate. It is non-refundable but we can talk about it.
2- you made a standard reservation:
- 1 week prior to your arrival date: no charge
- 48 hours before the date of your arrival: 50%.
- the same day 100%
3- you have contacted a person with a positive diagnosis at Covid or you are ill: your stay will be postponed.
Wishing that these precisions are clearer than a long text which remains valid and valid, we look forward to hearing from you.


Le patio protocole Covid

Your arrival and stay Covid

We look forward to welcoming you again in our residence.
This Covid will have caused a lot of stress on our health, on the economy, on our finances and on our relationships.
We need to be flexible, adaptable and resilient. But above all, creativity is needed to ensure the safety and well-being of all.
Choosing a Guest House is the assurance of a place that is easier to control. Our 4 rooms are secure and distance is assured.
The house has changed. We are making capsules to show the important points of the Covid protocol that we are implementing.
The first one is already published on our Facebook page and concerns your arrival.

Your room was vacated 24 hours before your arrival. Everything was steamed and surfaces were disinfected. All linen is given to a professional cleaner.
Breakfast is served in a lounge reserved for you. Weather permitting, the patio can accommodate individual tables spaced 2 meters apart.
Our outside camera surveillance system allows us to know the entrances and exits to intervene on the surfaces of the common areas that may have been touched. In addition, we use quality sanitizing essential oil sprays twice a day.
We wear protective visors upon your arrival and for breakfast service.
We will ask you to wash your hands each time you leave your room.
See you soon



In order to ensure the health safety of all, we inform you that we have set up a COVID-19 procedure plan.
The 650m2 of the residence allow to manage the obligation of distancing.
We will avoid shaking your hands on your arrival and departure.
In the vestibule we will ask you to take off your shoes and wash your hands.
To make this moment more pleasant, we put at your disposal socks and towels that you can keep.
A water point dating from the time of the house has been installed.
In addition to the daily use of steam in the rooms including bedding and common areas, all surfaces and objects are disinfected with preparations of mixtures of essential oils.
The air is purified daily with essential oils.
We ask you to let us know if you have contracted Covid-19 and if, in the days following your departure, you receive a positive diagnosis of Covid-19, we thank you for notifying us so that we can take more drastic measures, such as closing the room you have occupied.
We remind you that washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds should be systematic several times a day. 
Doing it every time you enter or leave your room is a good attitude.
For meals, each room benefits from a living room that is spacious enough to fully enjoy without fear of being too close.
On the patio, tables are spaced out enough to relax in the sun in the middle of nature.
Health is everyone's business and prevention is the best therapy.
We monitor each change requested by the Director of Public Health in order to respond to them as soon as possible and in an efficient manner.
The safety and health of all has become our primary concern. Especially since Marie-Christine is a retired I.Anesthesiologist.